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Some Randy Wayne White fans haven't been impressed by his Hannah Smith series but personally I love it.  Hannah comes from a historic Florida family.  She's a fishing guide and a private investigator too, having inherited her uncle's boat and business after he taught her everything he knew.  Hannah is at ease out of doors but she's also feminine and even a sometime lover of White's Doc Ford character.

As usual in a Randy Wayne White novel there are funny and strange characters but also some very real danger.  Think venomous snakes and murderous chimps, alligators and vicious humans.  You may just cancel that planned trip to Florida.

Hannah's friend Birdie, a deputy sheriff, introduces her to Birdie's wealthy aunt who hires Hannah to investigate a supposedly haunted house that sits on land the aunt has invested in. When Hannah and Birdie try to spend the night there, they discover the place is full of scorpions and that someone is watching them.  They meet a strange archeologist who is conducting a dig on the property.  He introduces them to people in a campground nearby and they turn out to be carnival people.  There is also a rumor of attacks by chimp-like animals from a snake venom business at the edge of the campground.  

I liked this different location and plot for the series.  Also, Hannah is researching her family's history and one great-great-great-uncle seems to be involved in Civil War crimes in this area. This is my favorite book of the series so far; I look forward to the further adventures of Hannah Smith.

Highly recommended
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