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Leigh Russell's Geraldine Steel series is one I can always count on for reading pleasure.  Her life has changed now since she has moved to London.  Working with a new team, a new office mate, and getting used to a new lonely apartment is unsettling enough, but then she gets a case that defies logic.  Meanwhile her former partner, Ian, meets her a couple times and she can tell something is wrong but he isn't ready to talk yet.  On the other hand, her office mate keeps inviting her out for a drink and they extend the drink into dinner.  And to top it all, her sister is hounding her to have her niece down to London for a weekend.  When she has to cancel, they simply don't understand.  Life is awfully complicated.

The case is a real puzzler.  First a young actress is killed and the killer disappears.  Another murder and again the killer disappears.  Despite video coverage they cannot spot anyone. Many of the characters are students at a drama school and the top suspect is a casting director who is about 60 but his lovers are normally very young actresses using him to get parts.  The current ones are the age of his son who is also a drama student.  These characters are, uh, dramatic and young so everything is earth-shakingly important to them.

I spotted the clue that told me who the murderer was way before the end but I loved reading on to see when Steel would catch on.  Meanwhile it was interesting to see how her relationships with her colleagues developed, particularly her partner, Sam, who isn't afraid to let her know she isn't delegating enough work.  It makes the others think she doesn't trust them to do the job and they're offended.  I like series where the main character grows and changes.  That's certainly the case in this one.

Highly recommended
Source:  Witness Impulse/HarperCollins

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