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I've been having a hard time deciding how to review this book.  The author (writing under a pen name here) has been a foreign correspondent for a British newspaper and has written eight nonfiction books, but I believe this must be his first effort at fiction.  In my opinion, he would do much better concentrating on nonfiction.

The sad thing is that there is a good story in here.  Unfortunately, I was too distracted by all the mistakes in my print edition to concentrate.  For instance, the hero is sometimes called Wilkins and at others he's Wilkinson.  When the protagonist's name isn't consistent, you can imagine what other errors have made it into the final print version.  Some can be explained by the translation from one computer program to another, but most are grammar, spelling, leaving out words or alternately leaving in words that were obviously supposed to be deleted.  If you have an inner frustrated English teacher like I do, this isn't a book for you.

The hero is a flawed character but basically a good man and I liked him.  He has gone to Pakistan to escape almost certain imprisonment in England but the former girlfriend he goes to see is a courageous aid worker determined to open schools for girls and keep them open despite Taliban attacks.  Sally is his opposite, so selfless and generous that she influences Wilkins.  

Since we know this story is "ripped from the headlines" as they say on "Law and Order," there is real fear for all of the characters in the book and frankly I was disappointed that it wasn't written by someone who could make the story come alive.  MacLean is knowledgeable, obviously knows Pakistan and the perilous situation there, but couldn't do justice to his story.

Not recommended
Source:  Meryl L. Moss Media Relations, Inc.

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