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Once I've written my thoughts on this excellent novel, I'm anxious to read the reviews of others to see how their opinions may differ from mine.  I come at this story from a unique standpoint.  The victim here is a doctor/scientist who has been researching a cure for cancer, not just one particular cancer but all cancers.  She is only a couple days from making the announcement about the enormous breakthrough she has made when she is murdered.  Everyone thinks that all of the information is on her computer and a backup hard drive, both of which she had with her when she was killed.

At the moment I'm in treatment for the second time for lung cancer so such a cure would be the answer to my prayers.  While the two detectives investigating the case immediately begin looking at pharmaceutical companies, competing scientists, investors and others with motives, I had a different take entirely.  Hard as it was for me to suspect pharmaceutical executives though, I had to admit they would have the biggest financial motive to either finish testing her drug and sell it for enormous amounts of money, or on the other hand to quash it in order to continue selling their big dollar chemotherapy drugs.  

The plot is crafted beautifully and the characters will I hope be seen in further books.  I didn't run into any of those "oh come on!" moments I hate so much.  The investigation proceeded logically and the detectives were sensible as well as great intuitive crime solvers.  I was mildly surprised at a twist at the end, and after laughing, I realized it fit perfectly.

Daniel M. Annechino is a writer whose name I will continue to watch for.  This novel is really impressive.

Highly recommended
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  1. Barbara,
    Thank you for the awesome review. Your health situation, of course, makes this story hit close to home in many respects. I pray for a cure to cancer every day. So many people I know have been afflicted with this terrible disease. I will surely add your name to my growing prayer list. Again, I appreciate the great review and really enjoyed some of your unique observations.
    Warm Wishes,
    D.M. Annechino