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DI Marjory Fleming has become one of my all-time favorite fictional heroines.  Most of us can relate to the issues, joys, and desires in her life.  She is married to a farmer, Bill, and they have two children.  The farm, Mains of Craigie, has become easier for her by now because they have hired a Polish immigrant couple, Raphael and Karolina.  Raphael works for Bill and Karolina has taken over household chores for Marjory.  Since she also has a small catering company, the Fleming family is eating better than ever.

Marjory is the daughter of a by-the-book cop who never gave her credit for being such a good cop herself.  Old-fashioned.  Women belong in the kitchen.  But Marjory is an incisive, intuitive, dedicated cop who takes her responsibilities both at home and at work very seriously.

She is asked to investigate a cold case where the body of a young pregnant woman was found within sight of a lighthouse.  She was a local girl who had come home from Glasgow to await the birth and she had never revealed the identity of the father.  Most people assumed her father had killed her, but the mother and brother had always blamed a local boy who was now a big television star.  He had been in the U.S. for a year which ruled him out but that didn't deter them.

Meanwhile, many Polish immigrants have come to this area of Scotland for work.  Most locals welcome them and employ them, but a few young punks have determined to drive them out. There are fights, knives flashing, and one group of Polish men in particular are targeted.  Their cruel boss isn't paying them as agreed and is practically holding them prisoner.

The TV star, Marcus Lindsay (real name Lazansky) has come home temporarily while an episode of the show is filmed in Ardhill.  Lots of excitement about stars in their midst.

I always enjoy reconnecting with the main characters in this series, but Dead in the Water also introduces many new characters who are well-drawn and fascinating within the framework of this wonderful plot.  I had my suspicions but didn't really figure it out until the end.  There were times when I wanted to cry for Marjory as her personal and work responsibilities tear her in opposite directions.  

Highly recommended EBook
Source:  Witness Impulse Imprint, HarperCollins

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  1. What a temptation! I did remember how much I enjoyed my blogging rounds, but I had completely forgotten how hard it was to resist all the lovely books you people write about :D
    Fortunately, I have another book by Aline Templeton in my Kindle ;)