Saturday, May 10, 2014


This is a delightful novel with an engaging hero, Dr. Cyrus Mills.  Mills had left his home town after his mother died.  Things were difficult with his father, everyone's favorite veterinarian, Dr. Bobby Cobb.  In fact, Mills had gone so far as to change his last name, and had been working for years in research where he could keep to himself, tackle challenging work every day, and not be involved with people.

Then his father died and reluctantly Mills returned to take over his dad's practice, The Bedside Manor for Sick Animals.  He even lives upstairs, where he grew up, and begins to get a more realistic idea of who his father really was.  Things have changed drastically though.  There is a new competitor called Healthy Paws with all the new equipment for testing and diagnosing and an aggressive marketing approach, but no sense of respect for the local people.

You'll love the Bedside Manor receptionist/secretary Doris, a chain smoker who is the best source of local history and gossip in the county.  Dr. Lewis, Cobb's partner, has stayed on too. Both are loyal to a fault and ready to do anything to keep the practice going.  

Mills is highly skilled and as he works he becomes easier with people, with the exception of the girl he desires, Amy, a waitress at the local diner.  She is a puzzle he simply cannot figure out but he can't let it go either.  There are silly complications, adorable and/or hilarious pets, misunderstandings with women, and an over-jealous computer nerd "helping" Mills fight the competition.

Load this one onto your e-reader to take on vacation or read when you need a little laugh.  It's great fun.

Source:  Netgalley