Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry for the Delay . . .

I haven't really fallen off the face of the earth.  I've just been having problems with watery eyes that prevent me from reading very much, and I'm pretty well flattened by chemo #4.  I find that each treatment brings new or worse symptoms, mainly fatigue that just won't let me do anything.  I know I'll feel better in a few days though, so I hope my readers will hang in there.  I promise there will soon be a review and maybe some other "stuff."

Thanks for sticking with me through this.  I really do appreciate it that I have so many readers.


  1. I have seen products in the health food store that are supposed to help with the effects of chemo. I'm so sorry you are feeling badly. Take you time with the blogging, though I suspect it does you good - gets your mind on sort of 'neutral' subjects. A relief, perhaps from what you are dealing with.

  2. Don't worry about your blog - just take care of yourself. We'll be here when you are.

  3. We appreciate even a short post by checking in --take all the time you need.