Wednesday, October 3, 2012


This is an e-book and regular readers know that I seldom read a book on my Kindle, but I downloaded this one because it sounded good.  In this case, it was worth the headache I got reading the screen.

Clare is the main character, a young woman who is a magazine writer and who has just buried the only mother she remembers.  Her "mother" had been undemonstrative and strict, determined to impress upon Clare that she needed to watch out for men and not trust anyone.  It's only after the funeral that she learns her "mother" wasn't actually her mother after all.  

At the time Clare is engaged to a man whose family isn't in favor of the marriage.  Her mother hadn't been thrilled about it either but Clare never understood why she objected.  Clare breaks the engagement feeling lost and wondering what in the world her background was that her mother prevented her from knowing about it.  So, she sets off from her home in Chicago to Grand Rapids, Minnesota where her mother was from.  Her best friend's family is from the same place, so they put her in touch with the librarian there who has a cottage for rent on the lake.

She also has an assignment to interview a writer in Grand Rapids who is known for avoiding interviews and being a bit rude to writers who seek him out.  However, pressure from Clare's boss results in a grudging agreement to meet Clare.  Then he gets involved in Clare's quest to find out the truth about her real parents; it appears that her father may have killed her mother.  Who wouldn't want to help her discover what really happened?

My favorite character was a scruffy, smelly dog named Waldo who seemed to always find the stinkiest old dead fish on the lakeside to roll in.  He assigns  himself to watch over Clare and thereby puts himself in danger.  

I did guess at part of the outcome but not how it would come about.  It kept me guessing about some things throughout.  Very well written, wonderful characters, small town folks covering up a long-ago mystery.  This was a treat.

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  1. Can you imagine getting a shock like that after your mother died? This sounds great!

  2. This sounds like a very interesting read, Barbara. I'm intrigued now!

  3. Poor Clare was disoriented throughout because her entire world had been turned upsidedown. It really increases the mysteriousness because the reader doesn't know who Clare can trust. I hope both of you will read this one, Kathy and Belle.