Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SEVEN DAYS by Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer is an author I've been anxious to read for quite some time and now thanks to Amazon Vine, I have.  He lives in South Africa and this book is set there, a place I've never been but now have some insight into because of this book.

Police Detective Benny Griessel is the hero of the story, although he would never think of himself in such terms.  He is a recovering alcoholic who is divorced, has trouble trying to relate to his teenage kids, has been transferred to another division perhaps as punishment for drinking, and is inclined to think of himself as a failure.  He is falling in love with a talented and beautiful singer, also an alcoholic who keeps falling off the wagon.  He tries to help her, then again feels like a failure because he can't tend to her and still keep up with his new assignment.

That assignment is the crux of the story.  A sniper in a white van shoots a policeman in the leg.  He has been sending emails to the police threatening to do so if they don't reveal their knowledge about who murdered a young businesswoman months earlier.  Actually the police are stumped; they have no idea who killed her.  Setting Griessel on the case, they heed the sniper's warning that he will shoot a cop every day for seven days unless they arrest the killer.  Talk about stress.

Reading Seven Days isn't easy like reading a light cozy.  This case is difficult and it isn't made easy for the reader either.  I was confused off and on but doggedly stuck with it because I just couldn't let it go without finding out who, and most importantly why.  The characterizations are so good that even though this is a different culture with unique customs, I felt like I got to know them all, even the sniper.  

This has made me want to travel to South Africa someday.  Well, I already wanted to since my husband's grandfather lived there for many years, but now I'm very curious about the country.  And I intend to read Meyer's other novels as well.

Recommended reading for police procedural lovers.
Source:  Amazon Vine


  1. I love it when a book gives me a peek into another country. This mystery sounds very compelling. I hope you're doing well!!

  2. This is one author I've wanted to try as well. Glad u enjoyed this one.

  3. I liked your description of the main character. He sounds very conflicted but yet realistic. Yes, I'd like to read this one and "travel" to an area new to me.

    Hope you are doing well. I'm still remembering you in my prayers. I also hope the storm didn't get you too bad.