Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Different Worlds

We've just returned from a couple days in Philadelphia where I spent an inordinate amount of time just looking out the hotel window because it was pouring rain. However, we had a wonderful view of the Delaware River and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. I couldn't stay away from the window at night. The lights on the bridge, the trains taking passengers to Camden and back to Philly, the brightly lit tugboats pushing barges in and out of the port, and the people walking their dogs or running were fascinating to this lady who has lived in the country for 15 years now. Incidentally, I wonder why they are known as tugboats, when actually they push vessels?

I noticed that some people live on their boats at a marina near the bridge. Dave and I tried to buy an old ChrisCraft yacht many years ago. It was our intention to live on it, in New Jersey in the summer, and in Florida in the winter. Dave was an expert in both outboard and inboard motors then so he could have made a living with that kind of a lifestyle. All our dreams went poof, though, when we couldn't get a loan to buy the yacht - yet a couple months later we easily got a mortgage on a house that cost much more. Go figure.

At least one of the old warehouses on the water has been transformed into an apartment house (or condos I suppose) and I thought of how romantic that would be. As I said, I had lots of time to stare and dream.

Now we're home and a nor'easter is blowing through. I look out my window in our rural house and see trees covered with heavy, wet snow, a near white-out in the fields, and occasionally hear the rumble of the state plow going by. Other than the wind and the plow, all is peaceful and quiet; no sirens, no heavy traffic or trains, nothing. Just snow silently falling and covering everything. It's so beautiful that once again I can hardly stay away from the window. Thankfully we can stay home until after the storm is gone.

It proves to me how adaptable people are. I greatly enjoyed being in Philly, even with the bad weather than prevented us from doing much more than going to an appointment there. On the other hand, I'm perfectly content at home in the country on a day like today (now that I don't have to go places of course) with all noise muffled and most people inside at home by the fire. It's a wonderful day and if we get the 15" predicted, what a great excuse to just hunker down with a blanket and a good book or watch the Olympics.

Whatever your weather and your location, I hope you're getting the most out of your time and place.

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