Thursday, February 11, 2010

Betty White Can't be 88 Years Old!

Like many of you, I love Betty White. I've been watching her since back in medieval times and she never fails to make me laugh. I even remember her on the old game shows. (I know, I'm older than dirt, and I don't care.) Her portrayal of flakey Rose in "Golden Girls" was just perfect, a character I liked better than the one she played on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, but not by a whole lot. She simply can do no wrong for me.

Her comment at the SAG Awards about how "plain" Sandra Bullock had nevertheless achieved so much was priceless and pure Betty White. Actually she affects me kind of like George Gobel did - all she has to do is stand there and I start laughing.

Yet she's sort of a misfit in show business. Just think, she was married to only one man, Allen Ludden, and he died back in the 1980s. She never married again. She has devoted years of her life to helping animals and loving animals. There has never been a scandal about her that I know of, and I'm certain if there had been, it would have been big, big news.

Then, at 88 of all things, she makes a commercial to run during the Super Bowl in which she plays football (although a stunt double filled in when she was tackled) and lands in a mud puddle. Abe Vigoda was good too, and unexpected, but Betty was wonderful as usual. No wonder that was one of the most popular commercials on a day when people watch as much for the commercials as for the big game.

I guess one of these days she'll have to retire, but I sure hope not. She's one of the few show business personalities that I would truly miss. And I still find it impossible to believe she's that old.

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