Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Official - Media Has Taken Over

I came home from getting the car serviced this morning to find my husband in the house rather than his shop, sitting in front of the TV. He had come in to watch Tiger Woods' public mea culpa.

Well, that just beats all! Normally he figures trangressions like Tiger's are none of our business and should be kept between husband and wife. In this case, though, even Dave got caught up in the media frenzy over this gossip and he just had to see what Tiger said.

I take this as an official sign that the media has taken over the world. It was the media that demanded an apology from Tiger, and any other celebrity who does something stupid, and it was the media that hounded anyone involved in this scandal. They contacted other golfers hoping that they would denounce Tiger for his actions, they searched the world over for Elin Woods and finally photographed her skiing in Europe but to their frustration have never been able to talk to her. Everyone on TV has speculated from the time Tiger's car hit the tree on Thanksgiving on exactly what happened.

Okay, media types, you've had your apology and I hope you will do us all a favor and leave Elin and the kids out of it as Tiger asked. The problem is that the apology won't be good enough for the media; they'll pick apart every word, every nuance of his demeanor, how his mother looked, and every other possible detail and there will still be endless speculation.

This is all none of our business, folks! Please leave these people alone so that they can try to save their marriage or not, whatever they choose. Meanwhile, there is one thing most of the rest of us can be eternally grateful for - not being famous.

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