Friday, July 17, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor

In the past few weeks I have developed a true admiration for Sonia Sotomayor. Throughout the game show otherwise known as confirmation proceedings she has maintained good humor, dignity, and a firm refusal to let anyone get under her skin.

Personally, I would have told a few senators where to get off, especially in the past four days. I don't know how she managed to let them get their air time, insulting her, badgering her with the same question over and over about her "wise Latina" remark, and insisting she is something she isn't without losing her cool, calm demeanor.

I was particularly impressed when she said that she could not sit there and tell them she was for or against issues at this time knowing that the Supreme Court, presented with those same issues, would study and debate the constitutionality involved for months before coming to a decision. What kind of a justice would have all the big issues of the day firmly decided in her own mind before hearing any sort of specific case or debate? It surely wouldn't be a justice I would want on the court.

Having said that, though, we are all a product of our individual backgrounds, education, gender, and life experiences. The fact that she doesn't come from a wealthy WASP family and that she is seemingly a down-to-earth realist I think bodes well for her decision making on the court. Her coolness and poise since being nominated bodes well for her ability to judge cases without bias.

Oh yes, and she was a Nancy Drew fan as a young girl. I guess it doesn't hurt my opinion that I was too.

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