Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Political Suicide

Doesn't it seem like the annual number of politicians throwing away their careers increases with each year? The last two to commit political suicide have reminded us there are many methods of cutting short a promising career in public service. The only question is why they do it.

Gov. Mark "Holier-than-thou" Sanford chose the most common suicidal impulse: sex. Like an adolescent boy he apologized and apologized ad nauseum for his affair, but then added to the immaturity of his conduct by admitting to "crossing the line" (whatever that means) with other women. Reminds me of teenagers bragging about conquests, of the real or wishful thinking sort.

Most men in the throes of midlife crisis are content to buy a fancy sportscar or some other mild act of rebellion. Sanford, forgetting that the aphrodesiac involved here is power, threw away his marriage, the respect of his sons, and his career in one fell swoop. Or, as my father used to say, one swell foop, which actually sounds more appropriate in this case.

No sooner had Sanford finally, thankfully dropped out of sight again, this time to be alone with his family in an attempt at reconciliation, we see Gov. Sarah Palin before a microphone. Yikes, this can't be good.

I'm not real sure what Palin said except that she's resigning. Her little speech was so full of mixed metaphors and Palinisms that the rest is all a blur. Something about dead fish? Oh I don't know.

Regardless, as if she hadn't already turned herself into a joke and embarrassed her family and her constituents enough, she is now jumping ship because the waves are getting too high. See? I can do it too. If this doesn't end her hopes for 2012, I don't know what more she can do to guarantee she won't be our first female president or vice president or anything else in D.C.

Now that's good news!

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