Friday, July 3, 2009

Senator Franken at Last!

At long last the courts have decreed that Al Franken is Minnesota's junior senator. I must say, if I lived in that state, I wouldn't be so much relieved as I would be angry that it took eight months to get this decided.

It really doesn't matter which party they are affiliated with, the citizens of Minnesota have been denied half of their voice in the U.S. Senate. In the months since the November election momentous issues have been under consideration and where was their juniot senator? Oh, that's right, he was on tenterhooks waiting out all the vote recounts and court proceedings.

Mr. Coleman should be ashamed. For the sake of his own ambitions he kept the outcome of the election up in the air. Since he has been that unconcerned about the interests of the people of his state, it tells me he wouldn't have represented them well if he had been elected.

The vote count was very close but at some point the loser must put the people first. Perhaps Senator Franken can find the humor in this situation as he did so successfully as a comedian. I can't.

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