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Looking for a  mystery novel with a charming hero and an intriguing plot, danger galore, and lots of motive for what happens?  Add to the mix a beautiful private investigator, a billionaire, and the California coast and you have Detective Lessons.

Schmitty is the star of the story, a cop working harbor patrol which mostly means driving a boat 5 mph around the harbor intercepting drunk and/or stupid boaters to keep them from killing themselves.  His partner is a woman on a career track, he is a guy whose future is iffy so he sort of drifts along, living in a loft over a collection of classic cars (not his), with a sort of pie in the sky dream of finding treasure.  He's likable and honest, a good guy I cared about.

When he and his partner save the life of an older man, he recognizes him as Mac Whelan, father of a classmate in high school.  The next day Whelan calls wanting to hire him to find his missing son.  He's only been missing for 24 hours but that just doesn't happen and Whelan doesn't want to involve the police officially, for good reason as we soon discover.  Schmitty takes a couple days off to find Jimmy Whelan, then discovers Whelan has also hired a P.I., Megan McCann, to partner with him.  Hence, the detective lessons.  

As you might imagine, the case turns out to involve more than just Jimmy disappearing, and it puts Schmitty and McCann into serious danger as well.  As in all good stories, this one will change Schmitty's life.  There are important consequences for everyone involved, so you finish it with satisfaction along with some sadness for the things people do to one another in life.

I hope you'll read Detective Lessons.  Bill Larkin is a writer I'll continue to watch for and I kind of hope I'll encounter Schmitty again in a future book. 

Highly recommended
Source:  Partners in Crime Book Tours

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