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All Day and a Night is the latest Ellie Hatcher mystery novel and personally I think it's the best. Admittedly, I always think the last one I've read in a good series is the best and this is a good series.  Burke creates great characters we can all relate to.

Ellie Hatcher is a cop who is living with a prosecutor and how she feels about it is sort of illustrated by the fact that she has yet to tell her mother.  Her brother lives in her old apartment and covers for her.  Prosecutor Max Donovan, her boyfriend, suddenly springs a new assignment on Hatcher and her partner J. J. Rogan.  Hard to tell who is more unhappy about it.

The case involves correspondence insisting that Anthony Amaro who is serving life without possibility of parole (cop slang: all day and a night) is innocent.  He had been convicted of one murder but assumed to have killed five women in Utica, NY. Now there has been another murder in New York City accomplished and staged identically.  A highly publicity-conscious attorney has taken the case, and she has hired a lawyer to work the case with her.  Carrie Blank also happens to be the sister of one of those victims.  Why is she involved in trying to clear her sister's killer?  In fact, she left a prestigious firm, a job most young lawyers would consider their ticket to a great future, to do this.

There are several characters in this book who fairly walk off the page and into your life.  You can't help getting caught up in their struggles and feelings.  That's a good thing for a reader but not if you want to solve the mystery before the reveal.  I love Hatcher's relationship with her partner, and also the evolving relationship with Donovan.  I laughed at the contrast between big city and small town as the city cops and lawyers converge on Utica investigating the old crimes.

This book will keep your interest up throughout.  Don't miss it.

Highly recommended
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