Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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Deborah Crombie fans won't need me to tell them that a new Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James mystery novel is out today.  I've grown very fond of the regular cast of characters in this series and the plot is always a great one.  No question then.  Go out and buy it; you won't be disappointed.

As usual Duncan and Gemma's combined family has a large part in the story.  The children find a moma cat and four kittens locked in a shed.  They bring them home where the animals thrive and work their way into everyone's hearts, except of course for the cat whose home they've taken over.  

Meanwhile, Gemma is searching for definitive evidence against a young man who she is sure has sexually assaulted and killed a 12 year old girl.  Duncan has been transferred to Holborn Station and worries that Gemma's recent promotion and his transfer are very suspicious.  He has problems adjusting to a new team, but then someone burns to death at St. Pancras Station and he is in charge of the investigation.  There's no time to be worrying about personalities for the duration.

We meet a group of protesters who were on scene, expecting one of their members to set off a smoke bomb.  Melody's boyfriend Andy and his musical partner Poppy were performing there at the time as well.  Unfortunately their manager is seriously injured by what is not a smoke bomb but rather a white phosphorous grenade.  Melody is slightly injured.  The scene is chaotic.

As usual, Crombie has written a terrific page-turner that leaves you feeling a little breathless, and certainly expecting a sequel.  The next one promises to be extremely intriguing.  Can't wait.

Highly recommended
Source: William Morrow/HarperCollins


  1. I thought I'd read this author but those character names aren't familiar to me so I decided to check. It turns out I haven't read her work yet - I need to rectify that!

  2. I just finished - loved it! First cliff hanger she has done, I think. I can't wait either!