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Talk about a weird day.  ADA Alexandra Cooper awakens one morning to a headline which announces her death.  There is an explanation for the mistake.  She had allowed a sort of friend, gorgeous movie star Isabella Lascar, to use her Martha's Vineyard home for a getaway. Under the impression Lascar wanted to be alone, Cooper is surprised to learn that a man had been there with her.  No one knows who he was.

This is an old volume in the series, a lucky find at a book sale.  I like Fairstein so it was a no-brainer to pick up one I hadn't read.

Fairstein knows exactly what Cooper's job is since she herself worked for years as the head of Manhattan's Sex Crimes Unit.  Of course this isn't a normal case for her as it involves her current boyfriend, her friend, and her home.  No one knows if perhaps Cooper was the intended target, although Lascar had many enemies, so Homicide Detective Mike Chapman is assigned to protect her.  They have worked together many times and have a great relationship, along with daily challenges on the final question of television program "Jeopardy."  They bet $10, $20 and they are pretty evenly matched in their knowledge of trivia.

The media hounds Cooper relentlessly.  She must go to Martha's Vineyard to aid in the investigation while trying to keep up with her work and yet be protected from possible killers. So, the restrictions force her to assign another lawyer to review new cases and assign them to others in the office.  She makes unusual requests of her secretary to avoid being inundated by phone calls she can't or won't take.  The media is foisted off on the public relations department. 

One person she does keep in touch with besides her close friends is a neighbor down the hall from her apartment, Dr. David Mitchell.  (That amuses me since it is my husband's name but he isn't a doctor.)  He is a psychiatrist with a Weimaraner and I was highly suspicious of him, along with several other possible suspects.  I did figure out some of the plot, but for the most part I read fast while I worried about Cooper.

This is a good read, but lock the doors and windows before you read it.

Highly recommended
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  1. This looks like a book I'd like. Thanks for the review.