Monday, August 18, 2014


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A few months ago I reviewed Christopher Meeks' earlier book called Blood Drama.  It was a great little book about a guy who gets taken hostage by a group of bank robbers and then solves the case.  It was funny and clever and I liked it a lot.

Now I've just finished another Meeks' book, A Death in Vegas, which again is a great little book about an innocent middle-aged guy who is unable to leave things to the police, only this time he is the prime suspect in a murder.  I kept losing patience with Patton Burch (named after his mother's favorite general) but no way could I put the book down until I figured out who really killed Chatterly.  She was living under an assumed name (no one could really be named Chatterly after all) and working as a trade show model for Burch's company booth.  The company is BenBugs, provider of beneficial bugs for organic gardeners, and Chatterly was dressed as a ladybug as she attracted people to the booth.

Meanwhile, Burch's marriage seems to be falling apart and he is clueless as to why.  He loves his wife dearly and doesn't want to lose her.  That's one reason it is such a terrible dilemma when Chatterly dies in his hotel room.  As the police close in on Burch, he runs and once again our hero attempts to solve the murder himself.

Will he figure out who murdered Chatterly, who she really was, and why she was hiding?  Will Burch save his marriage?  Or, will the FBI catch Patton Burch and lock him up?  It's all great fun with lots of side issues to lead you down the garden path to an erroneous conclusion.

Highly recommended
Source:  Partners in Crime Book Tours  


  1. You sure are going through the crime books! I myself just finished my first book by Robert Galbraith (i.e., J. K. Rowling) and loved it. Great crime series!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this mystery with us. I didn't get a chance to read Blood Drama, but A Death in Vegas is on my TBR shelf!