Monday, August 11, 2014


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This is a fun little story about a young woman who owns a yoga studio, a homeless man, and a lovable but out of control German Shepherd.  I even learned a bit about yoga along the way.

Kate Davidson is single, perhaps commitment-phobic, but concentrating on making a success of her business.  Money is tight even though she has steady clients, good classes, and a team of part-time teachers.  Then a problem shows up.  George is a homeless man who sells a local paper called Dollars for Change and he's okay but his dog is a different matter.  Bella goes ballistic at the sight of another dog, and she also hates men with beards.  As Kate's yoga students are leaving class, Bella sees a tiny dog with one of them and the uproar brings Kate running out of the building to see what's wrong.

They find a solution for Bella and Kate actually makes friends with George, but then one day she finds him murdered in the parking lot.  The police assume it was due to a drunken brawl but Kate knows better and sets out to find the murderer.  Well, of course she gets herself in all kinds of trouble and misunderstandings.  It's one of those stories where you are either laughing or saying, "Kate, you idiot.  Don't do that!"

Her best friend, newly married, is determined to find a boyfriend for Kate which only adds to the fun.  When you need a lighthearted quick read, and who doesn't occasionally, this is guaranteed to cheer you up.  The characters are quirky, the plot is a good one, Kate is a heroine you'll love, and any dog lover will be captivated by Bella.

Highly recommended
Source:  Partners in Crime Book Tours 


  1. I love cozy mysteries - don't know why I don't pick them up more! This one sounds cute!

  2. I enjoy a good cozy - especially in fall and winter. sounds good

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this 1st in series mystery with us! Sounds likes a fun read!

  4. Barbara, I'm so clad you enjoyed Murder Strikes a Pose! And thank you for reviewing it on your blog today. Kate and her friends certainly get into a lot of trouble don't they? If anyone is interested, Murder Strikes a Pose was selected by Amazon to be one of their August "Big Deals." It's only $1.99 though August 24! (Normally $8.39)