Saturday, February 23, 2013

NIGHT MOVES by Randy Wayne White

Night Moves, the 20th in the Doc Ford series, is scheduled for publication in March and I know anyone who has read Randy Wayne White's books will want to snap it up.  

White is prominent on my list of favorite authors because he creates unique and memorable characters to populate intriguing stories set around Sanibel Island, Florida.  Doc Ford is a marine biologist, who readers will know has a second, secret life, and he gets involved in all kinds of dangerous investigations in and around the Everglades.  

I love Ford's friend and neighbor Tomlinson who is hilarious no matter what kind of trip he's on.  He has taken almost every drug in existence and sort of levels out at a degree of highness in which he can function but is unpredictable.  In this one he has a bumbling but dangerous drug dealer from Haiti on his trail.

We also have two mysterious, very expensive boats newly docked at the marina where Ford and Tomlinson live on their boats, Tomlinson's new married mistress and her crazy in-laws, and a lively survivor of a dog Ford saves that has part of a boa constrictor in his mouth and fangs buried in his hide.  Additionally, there is a rich, sophisticated hit man.  Who is the hit man's target?  Hopefully it isn't Ford.  As well, we have another of Ford's friends, a pilot who thinks he may have found the remains of WW II planes that disappeared in the 1940s.  All of these characters have a definite place in the story and White makes discovering how the tale comes together entertaining.  

Part of the book is frightening because Ford is in real danger, but I have to admit laughing my way through the rest.  In this 20th adventure I even see a hint of a midlife crisis for Doc Ford.  I do hope he won't go soft on us.

Source:  Amazon Vine
Recommended reading, a must for Randy Wayne White fans.


  1. I read his Hannah Smith book and just thought it was okay. I need to try a Doc Ford book. I'm glad you enjoyed this!

  2. I haven't tried a Doc Ford book either, but I was so disappointed by Sanibel when we went there I tend to project it onto books set there!

  3. You have me curious now about this one??? Sounds like one I should try for myself.