Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Finished - Review Postponed

In my last post I wrote about the long, long nonfiction book I was reading and enjoying.  It was the kind of book I read slowly to make sure I understand and get the most out of it.  Well, I finished that book yesterday.  Then I looked at the cover and realized I can't review it yet.  Oops!

The publication date for it is March 19th so the publisher would, of course, prefer that reviews appear no sooner than that date.  Okay, I will wait to tell you all about the book but at least I've finished reading it and now I have some time to mull it over before I start the review.  Works out better anyway.

Now I will proceed to read shorter fiction so I can get back to more regular reviews.  

Fiction is easier for me anyway because my husband has the television on loud from the time he gets up in the morning until he goes to bed at night.  To get away from the sound, I would have to go upstairs to my study and close the door.  Maybe I should move a comfortable chair and good lamp up here.  Nah, Dave wouldn't be happy if I spent so much time away from him.  He wants me to be in the family room with him.  Earplugs?  Maybe.  Meanwhile, I've been learning to concentrate with all that background noise.  I like it when he watches golf or NHRA racing in particular because I'm not interested and therefore can ignore it easier.

Thankfully Spring is coming.  Then he'll be outside more and I can read on the patio or the front porch.  Can hardly wait!


  1. I couldn't stand the TV on all the time. lol Go for the earplugs!

  2. What about an iPod with earbuds? The TV would drive me mad.

  3. You need some of those noise canceling headphones.

    My husband also likes me in the family room with him:) (Sometimes its a treat to be in the next room reading though).

  4. I sympathise! My husband does the same. I can read when football, or any of the sport he watches is on - he watches a lot! - because I'm not interested either. But anything else can be intrusive, even if the sound isn't very loud. I prefer quiet, which I can get at this time of day (early mornings).