Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NEON DRAGON by John F. Dobbyn

This e-book is one I had put off reading for a long time and I now wish I hadn't.  It is part of Dobbyn's Michael Knight series about a young attorney in Boston.  Knight works for a large law firm and comes under the guidance of a legendary lawyer named Devlin whom he comes to idolize.

Devlin had been falsely accused of jury fixing in a case many years earlier and although he had been cleared of that charge, it still made the rounds of the bars and clubs.  It had ruined his life. Now he sits in his office at the end of the hall scaring everyone to death, while Knight serves time as everyone's errand boy since he's the newbie.

Then there is a murder in Chinatown.  The victim is a revered member of the community; the man charged with that murder is a black student at Harvard.  Knight takes the case because after interviewing the young student, he truly believes he is innocent.  Devlin joins him on the case and the two of them set out on what seems like an impossible defense.

The scenes in Chinatown, Boston, and later in Canada, felt like I was traveling through the cities right along with Knight, a character I like very much.  As they try to solve their official case, Knight also takes on the seemingly impossible task of finding out what was behind the jury fixing charge.  How far up does the fault lie?  Who was out to get him and why?  Between the two investigations, I was surprised I didn't get lost, but it was all quite clear to me what was going on throughout.  That's no small feat in this story.

The reason I had put this one off is because it's an e-book on my Kindle and I'm not fond of that medium.  I have several books on my Kindle that look good but I would so much rather read a print book.  This is just my person foible though so I would hope Kindle users would choose to read Neon Dragon.

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Recommended reading for mystery lovers

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