Sunday, September 23, 2012

Google Reader - Why Are You Changing?

Grrrr!  This is not how I wanted my Sunday morning to go.  I click on Google Reader and discover everything has changed.  It was working perfectly and easily for me to read, so, Google, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Computer geeks seem to believe we all possess their short attention span.  They don't even know people like me exist apparently because if something is running well and a non-geek like me is happy with it, that's a sure signal for them to decide it's time to make it more complicated and harder to work with.  

I am NOT happy with Google Reader and therefore I am turning OFF my computer.


  1. Hm, mine doesn't seem to have changed - yet. Now I'll open it with dread every day.

  2. This morning Google Reader is working like it always did. Now I'm really confused - was it Google Chrome messing up or my computer. With my ancient computer it could just be another one of those days. I hope, I hope Google Reader doesn't change and I shouldn't have jumped the gun. My bad.

  3. You can always do what I do. Make bloglists, put them on your sidebar, and click them when you want to read them. :<)