Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell

My friend periodically gives me bags full of books she's read and I found this one in the last batch.  It's been ages since I've read a Cornwell/Dr. Scarpetta book, just long enough for me to miss them and really enjoy this one.

The mystery in this case begins with a decomposing body found in a cargo container that docks in Richmond.  The murderer's trail will lead Scarpetta and Marino to France and back again and will be very difficult to solve.  Meanwhile, it has been one year since  her FBI lover Benton's death and she has kept herself too busy to grieve, but suddenly a final goodbye letter from him is delivered to her, and she is forced to face up to her grief.

In another storyline, her niece Lucy hasn't found a way to grieve Benton's death either and is courting danger as she usually turns to violence to solve problems.  And if that weren't enough, a sexy-looking cop with connections is taking over the police department and threatening to take over the medical examiner's office as well.  Her name is Bray, and she's determined to get rid of both Marino and Scarpetta.  You can imagine, if you're familiar with the character, how Marino reacts to this.  

Finally, is there a new love interest for Scarpetta?  Stay tuned.  I had almost forgotten how caught up in this series I can get.  I'm back on the Cornwell bandwagon again.


  1. I loved this series in the beginning and then it became hit or miss for me. I can't remember if I read this one or not but the trip to France does sound familiar.

    I hope you're steadily improving!

  2. Benton died?!!! gaaaah! I guess I'm behind in this series!!!

  3. With Cornwell I don't think you ever get off!

  4. Jill, At this point in the series at least Benton is dead. I have a hunch we'll discover later that perhaps his death was faked. Don't know for sure though.

    Kathy, I am steadily improving. Get my staples out tomorrow and that will be a relief since they're really uncomfortable at this point. Will also get my path report on lymph nodes so I'm a little anxious.

    Mystica, I think you're right. I got tired of her at one point, but this book brought me right back into the fold.