Monday, April 9, 2012

Movie: "The Pursuit of Happyness"

Once again I've been watching an old movie from Netflix. I'm too old to know much about Will Smith but the idea of this movie appealed to me. I did know that his real life son played the part of his son in the movie which made me curious.

We both enjoyed the movie but I have an objection to the rating. It was a PG-13 film simply (I guess) because an F-bomb was painted on the sign of the day care center where the boy was cared for during the day, and during a conversation about the fact that the word "happiness" was misspelled on the sign the boy asked if F--- was spelled right. Dad went into detail explaining that the word was an adult word that should not be used at all. So for that they gave it a PG-13 rating? I object!!

The story, based on a true story of a self-made multi-millionaire, was heart-wrenching and heart-warming. I'm not one to get choked up over a movie but a man in my household who shall remain nameless got teary. As Will Smith loses absolutely everything except his little boy, you wonder how in the world he'll manage to take care of the two of them, but he perseveres through all the difficulties. They do spend one night in a bathroom in a bus/train station but mostly they go to a shelter or spend some money on a motel room. The main object always is to keep the boy fed, warm and safe.

Meanwhile, Dad endures a tough internship at a brokerage firm, competing with 19 other interns to win the one full-time job available. Of course you know he's going to get the job but he sure does earn it.

If you haven't seen this old movie, get the DVD. It's a great story and Will Smith and his son are perfect in it.


  1. I haven't seen this movie, but do much better watching a movie at the theater. Our local theater is going to show Casablanca this month and I hope I can go.

  2. I think this is in my netflix queue but I'm going to check. I remember it got really great reviews, and there is an unnamed man in my house also who tends to cry at such movies!

  3. I've seen this movie about 3X and also read the book. Love love the movie.

  4. Kathy, I have never seen all of "Casablanca." Seriously! Must watch it sometime.

    Jill, Him too? Geez Louise, these men! :D

    Diane, Once I've seen a movie I don't care to see it again, but I can understand your love for this one.

  5. I've saw this movie a couple of years ago. I was probably one of those raving about it, because it was very impressive. I wish they'd make more movies like this.