Friday, April 20, 2012

A Grand Murder by Stacy Verdick Case

Thanks to Partners in Crime Tours, I received a signed copy of this book with a lovely note from its author. It's the first of a new series about St. Paul (MN) Police Department detectives Catherine OBrien and Louise Montgomery.

These two partners are an odd couple. O'Brien is very short and so she wears spike heels no matter how badly her feet hurt. She worries herself sick about everything, particularly whether her beloved job will come between her and her beloved husband, Gavin. She is a little bit wacky and lives on coffee. Montgomery, on the other hand, is calm, cool, collected, well-dressed with every hair in place, happily single, and she's a dedicated, hard-working detective. It's O'Brien though who tends to think outside the box and come up with solutions.

Their differences lead to some of the comic tone of the book but there are also side characters who are very funny, for instance, a large female security guard who falls for Montgomery. From the bio provided by the publishing company, I would say the author is probably a tiny bit wacky herself so her book was bound to be a fun read. It is a mystery so there is murder involved of course, but that doesn't get in the way of frequent laughing out loud while you read. I mean, really, the victim deserved it after all.

The second O'Brien and Montgomery book will be out soon and Case is working on Number 3 so there will be more delightful reading ahead. I recommend this first one for one of those days when only something light, amusing and quick will do. I defy you to keep a grin off your face.


  1. I love a good, light hearted mystery!

  2. It is so healthy to laugh out loud. It's even better when it's a book that does that for me. The new series sounds good. I like that a good murder mystery can still be fun and funny.

  3. It sounds good to me except for the part about the spike heels. I can't stand that women feel they have to wear uncomfortable shoes and ruin their feet for when they are older just to conform to certain "looks" stereotypes. So I'd be too irritated to enjoy the rest of the story!

  4. I'm back. Per, "wearing high heels for 40-plus hours a week can shorten leg muscles and tendons..." However, "according to our poll, ... SIXTY-TWO PERCENT of readers said they'd stick with their heels no matter the consequences."

    See, I think feminist re-education is in order! :--)

  5. A wacky protagonist AND a wacky writer? Dear me, I think I might like this one :D

  6. Thanks for your comments everyone. As for Jill's abhorrence of spike heels, I agree. I ditched mine many years ago. However, this character feels the need to add some height because she thinks people will take her more seriously then. Like I said, she's a real worrier. Anyway, Jill, I do think you would laugh at this book if you can just forget the heels.

    For everyone else, I believe this is going to be a funny and fun series you'll all enjoy.