Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Mr. Kill by Martin Limon

I got this book from AmazonVine.

I selected this book, even though I hadn't read anything in the Sergeants Sueno and Bascom series, because I was interested in learning more about Korea through a novel. The book certainly served that purpose since Sueno is an American soldier who wants to learn Korean culture. He also speaks the language. Bascom is sort of a lout who flaunts custom as much as possible.

The mystery is less successful, but interesting in the way that they must cooperate with the Korean police and military to determine who is responsible for rapes and murders on the Blue Train. The victims are Korean women traveling with children.

Also figuring in the story is an all-woman country band from Texas who feel they are being stalked and robbed. Sueno and Bascom are assigned to protect them as well as solving the Blue Train crimes.

I really couldn't get into this story. The characters, with the exception of Sueno and Bascom, were indistinct to me. The band seemed like a group of hysterical women and I felt no connection to them at all.

However, I'm glad I read it because of the picture I got of the scenery in South Korea as well as the way people near the U.S. military bases survive. I might even try another book in this series to see if I just chose the wrong one to start with.


  1. Sorry this book didn't work for you. At least the story is set in a country that's hardly ever featured in novels. I'm glad it gave you a little look at Korea.

  2. I've wanted to read this series because it is set in South Korea where my children were born, but they are just too dark for me. I have The Calligrapher's Daughter but haven't read it yet. If you find out more books which take place there, I'd love to know the titles.

  3. Too bad this one was disappointing. I don't think I ever read anything about Korea.