Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Chance to Read but Lots Coming Up

Life has been slightly chaotic around here for a few weeks and I haven't had much time to read. I'm slowly getting through a biography of General Braxton Bragg which is good and very well written, but it's long and has small print. Also coming up is Mr. Kill by Martin Limon and then Lillian Lorraine by Nils Hanson which is the story of a Ziegfield Follies girl.

Of course there are also my stacks and stacks of TBR books. I'm looking forward to getting to the next Peri O'Shaughnessy. I also have a big pile of fat books that I seem to put off in favor of shorter ones, even though I got those books because I definitely wanted to read them. Oh for more time to read.

We are adjusting slowly to my husband's retirement. In this cold weather he is staying indoors a lot so he's bored. When warm weather comes, he'll be busier but now all he does he threaten to move south. I have never wanted to have one house up here and another in the south, and I surely don't want to pay for two houses, so we aren't leaving here until we finish our remodeling and sell this place.

Meanwhile, our basketball season has its ups and downs: ups for women and downs for men. We have a very young men's team and they just keep losing. I have patience with them, but everyone else is complaining bitterly. It's still fun to go to the games though. Monday our opponent for a double header was Univ. of Maine where our great-niece plays basketball. Believe it or not, we had never met her so it was great to see her play and finally meet her. She's a beautiful young woman - no prejudice of course.

I really will have book reviews up soon. I've just started another mystery on my Kindle as well. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll arrange my time so I can read more.


  1. If you move down south, he'll complain about the heat in the summer!

    I just don't understand why everyone expects to win every single game these days. Sports are always fun when you have a team to follow.

  2. Oh it would be very frightening indeed if my husband couldn't go outside! In Tucson, there are a gazillion "active adult retirement communities" (also a gazilliion of them in Florida) so there is always something to do - outside of the house! Thank heavens! :--)

  3. Kathy, You're so right. Heat bothers him a lot more than it did when he was young - so does cold for that matter. We lost last night's game too, but I can see improvement in their play together and that's really all I ask. They're working hard and playing as well as they can.

    Jill, You're so funny. Dave does have things to do in the garage (old shop) but we don't want to heat it when it's really cold. I know he's bored but he's just going to have to adjust. Them's the realities, ya know?

  4. You know there's always the alternative: RV houses allow you to take your home to a variety of places. However, I think we've already had this conversation. My husband isn't comfortable with his skill in moving our big house on wheels around a lot so we are, for now, grounded. Fortunately, northern California isn't bad in the middle of the day.