Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This is getting frustrating. My friend in Austin, TX has suffered through a terrible drought and now they have fires again. Her sister has been evacuated but fortunately has her sense of humor intact. She says she wanted to move anyway and now she won't have so much to pack. I'm not sure I could be so funny at a time like this.

A friend in Phoenix and another in Tucson are suffering through unrelenting heat so they're trapped in air conditioning or a pool. I would be a raving lunatic by now I think.

Meanwhile, we're drowning in the East. Everything in the house is damp, the towels never dry unless I put them in the dryer, the sheets feel clammy every night, and discouragement has set in for outside work. Our pond overfloweth. Sorry for the King James English but I'm starting to feel like Job here.

We've had 7+ inches of rain from Hurricane Irene, and now we're getting rain from a front and rain left over from Tropical Storm Lee, plus Hurricane Katia is keeping the dry air from moving into our area. I never thought living in Pennsylvania would put us in trouble from hurricanes. Sheesh! We should have moved to Vero Beach, FL like we considered.

I know, I know - heat and more heat plus humidity in Vero Beach but at least we would have air conditioning and a nice park by the river and the beach where if the breeze is coming off the ocean it's cool. We would also have a pool which I dearly wish we had here.

Do I sound happy? No? Well, it's just a phase, as my mom used to say. All the rain and overcast skies piled on top of other chronic problems sometimes get the best of me. It could certainly be worse and it will certainly get better, but for today I think I'll whine. Occasionally I just need to get it all off my chest and clear the air. No happy face today, maybe tomorrow.

One funny note though. Did you see the major league baseball player (didn't catch his name) on the news this morning? He was giving his bat a good talking to - and then he went out and hit two, count 'em, two home runs. He should be a motivational speaker. :D


  1. Hey, unrelenting heat in Arizona is the least of our problems! In Tucson, the county Republican Party is holding a raffle of a GLOCK to raise money. A glock, as you may not be aware, is the same type of gun used in the recent Tucson assassination attempt on Representative Gabby Giffords.

    Ugh, Job. Hate, hate, hate that one. They should TOTALLY have left that out of the Bible. If I ever had any intention of being of any faith, Job would have killed it for me. God and Satan having a pissing contest with a pious man as the mark? Ugh!

  2. And here we were hopping to get some rain out of Lee. We've gotten .4 inches of rain since Saturday night and now the sun's out. We're desperate for rain.

  3. Your "heated" remarks are well taken. I was shocked when I heard about the Glock raffle. Of all the insensitive and stupid things to do, but then consider who is holding the raffle. Did you expect anything sensible?

    As for Job, I'm in complete agreement with you, but knowing the Bible (it's great literature) Job came to mind. Love your God and Satan sentence. :)

  4. I hope your phase is over soon!
    We have also had plenty of rain, but I don´t feel I should complain as I am not a farmer or anything. I just get peevish and sleep badly
    so now I have complained a little, but you didn´t notice, did you ;)

  5. This is so sad about people in places of TX. We have too much rain here and wish we could send some their way.

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  7. Google ate my nice long comment. Waaaaaaaaaaa!