Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Wet Weekend for Us, but Little League Will Go On

Hurricane Irene is supposed to skirt NE PA, just bringing wind and rain, but nothing like they'll get east of here. They are predicting as much as 7" of rain though!

Thankfully the Little League games are far enough west that they shouldn't be too affected, but just in case, they've pushed up the schedule so they'll play earlier and the consolation game is cancelled. The Keystone Little Leaguers from Clinton County, PA were welcomed home with a parade yesterday. Their hometown people supported the kids like they were astronauts or something. It was great, and the kids are too. They won't be in the finals today, but they played much older than they are.

I'm reading a nonfiction book about the family that founded the Chicago Tribune so it's slower going than the mysteries I've been reading. Good book; I'm really enjoying it. Why is it that so many very wealthy families have so many strange people? Some of these are real doozies.

I probably won't be online tomorrow because of winds and rain, so see you Monday!


  1. Wow, we don't even get 7 inches of rain in a YEAR in Tucson!

    I love your question: "Why is it that so many very wealthy families have so many strange people?" I assume it's rhetorical! LOL

  2. Take care!

    We get more rain than I think is necessary, but not hurricanes, or at lest not ones that compare with Irene.

  3. My husband's son lives about 15 min outside of Philli, but his other son lives in Manhattan.

    Barbara, thanks for the hurricane well wishes, I appreciate it! You stay dry and safe!

  4. I think that sometimes it's because they have the freedom to indulge their eccentricities, while the rest of us have to work for a living!

  5. I'm glad you are going to miss the worst of the hurricane. I think an earthquake is enough weather excitement for you.

    I wonder if someone has done a phd dissertation on your question. It would make a good one.

  6. Jill, Actually it was a real question, but one which may have a dash of jealousy in it. :)

    Dorte and Margot, It does seem like an earthquake would be enough for one week, doesn't it? We did get a ton of rain. See today's post.

    Diane, Both of his sons were right in the line of fire. Sure hope they're okay. It seems the danger, other than flooding which has affected us too, was in falling trees.

    Debbie, You may be right. Someone once said rich people are eccentric, poor ones are crazy. Most of us are too busy making a living to be either. :)