Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away - To Texas for Instance!

This has been the wettest summer in years. It has also been cooler, which is nice, with only one bad week of a heat wave, but even a person who loves rain like me is getting tired of this. Meanwhile, my friend in Austin, TX would kill for a decent rain. It just isn't fair.

I just get our grass mowed so I can start on the trimming when it starts to rain again. Ergo (as a doctor I used to work for always said), I never get to the trimming. Arrrgggh! We never got the blueberry bushes covered either so the birds have been feasting. I'm really frustrated, can you tell?

When it is hot and humid, summer seems to drag on forever, but this summer has flown by. We are going to our first Binghamton Mets game of the season this week, and the season is almost over. If Binghamton Univ. hadn't offered tickets to basketball season ticket holders, we might not have made it there at all. Then it will be Harford Fair time (sort of our county fair), New York State Fair, and Fall. What happens to the time?

Actually we're coming up on my favorite month of the year - September. That's when my energy level soars and I'm ready for some serious work, more serious reading, and hopefully a lot of writing. Writing time is hard to come by these days because of our health issues, but I'm hopeful for this fall.

The good news is that I have a nice little stack of ARC's to read and review while it rains and we've been getting good reports at the doctors' offices lately so things are looking up. On the other hand, both of us have been spending time at the dentist's office having crowns replaced - the ones we got when we were young, back in the Middle Ages. You just can't win, can you?

OK, that's my whining for the month. I'm in the middle of an Anita Shreve that's very good, so I'll be posting a review soon.


  1. We're only halfway through August - how can you have whined enough? what fun is life if you can't WHINE about it?!!! :--)

  2. We'll take some of that rain down this way!

  3. We've had a lot of rain but needed it as well. BTW - I generally love Anita Shreve, so hope u r reading one of the good ones:)

  4. Diane, I'm reading A Wedding in December and I'm fascinated by the characters in it.

    Kathy, We have enough to send some to you as well as Texas.

    Jill, Whining is one of my big talents! My life must be a lot of fun, eh?