Thursday, May 12, 2011

At Last, Sunny Days and Lawn Mowing

This has turned out to be a busy week. I'm reading a book that I'm dying to finish, but since it finally stopped raining every other day and the yard gradually dried out, I haven't had time. Every day since last Saturday I've been out mowing for at least a couple hours a day. I started with the least "gooshy" sections and then moved on as the drying continued. I've even gone over sections that were too damp when I mowed the first time, so now the yard is looking good. I have one section to go, the one that is normally the wettest. Hopefully I won't get stuck this afternoon; I've had to have Dave help me out several times when I got stuck in mud or fell into a woodchuck hole. He won't let me hear the end of it.

I also got my new crown at the dentist's office. The temporary was driving me crazy because it was rough and had a kind of sharp edge so my tongue has been feeling raw. Now I'm back to normal, thankfully.

Most of the leaves are out now but still have that "new" green appearance. Dogwoods are blooming around the towns nearby and the magnolia trees are losing their blossoms. We had a magnolia in our front yard in Connecticut; I have fond memories of its beauty but less fond memories of trying to clean up the juicy petals from the ground.

Update on Scaredy Cat, our stray that I've been trying to make friends with since last summer. She is not only eating on the patio, she actually talks to me now (no, I don't know what she's saying) and has come within a couple inches of my hand. When I get up in the morning, she's waiting and watching the window for me. I don't think her name will change after all. Scaredy Cat will be it forever. I think this summer we'll finally get to be on a touching basis, and she's getting curious about the inside of the house. I hope she won't be spending next winter in the barn.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a day off from yard work (my body will be sooo grateful), have lunch in town with an old friend, and finish that good book. I can hardly wait.


  1. Holy cow! How big is your yard? We opted for a small yard the last time we moved and are now ready for no yard.

  2. That's a coincidence, my wife and I spent much of Mother's day doing gardening. Now our front yard looks spiffy and we're remodeling a bathroom.

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    Mike now on twitter @mikedtheauthor

  3. Good ol' Blogger. These comments got lost in the ether for a while, then suddenly appeared today! At any rate, we mow a lot - I would estimate around 3+ acres. That's what happens out in the country. I have an ulterior motive for keeping the grass short; I hate snakes so I figure the shorter the grass is, the less likely I am to accidentally get close to one.

    After this post it started raining again. Yesterday I was out trying to get as much as possible mowed before it rains again. Could only drive on the grass right around the house though. The rest is too wet - I'd get the Cub Cadet stuck for sure. What I mowed was like a hay field so there are piles and windrows of cut grass all over the place and the lawn needs mowing again. Can't win.