Friday, March 18, 2011

Mud Season in Pennsylvania

Who has been digging in our yard? It looks like someone is looking for buried treasure. Oh, that's right, despite the cat, we have moles all over the place and they've been having quite a family reunion by the looks of things. There are piles of dirt everywhere. We should have known this would be the case since there were little trails just under the snow all winter.

Must get out our secret weapon, one of the few gadgets we've ever bought. It is an electronic plastic thing that looks like a small rocket. It is battery driven (note: buy batteries) and you stick it in one of the mole holes. It emits a noise humans don't hear but moles sure do because they quickly decide to go elsewhere. Miracle - a gadget that actually works!

Two years ago we succeeded in driving the moles all the way out into the hay field. Apparently this winter they returned, so the cat will have fun hunting them and we will put the gadget into each area until they're gone.

Our yard is always damp since there are many springs under our land, but after several inches of rain and lots of melting snow, it is now a quagmire. It will be a while before I can get out my trusty Cub Cadet, which looks and sounds like it's been through a war but still runs great. Then I can roll down all the hills and molehills, by which time it'll be time to mow. Before long, though, I'll already been tired of mowing.

For now I'm just happy that the male red winged blackbirds are back. They're the first true sign of spring I see every year. We have a few robins too, V formations of geese overhead, and grass turning a little more green than brown. Subtle changes but heartening anyway.

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