Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Goofed! Comments are Gone!

Yesterday I was trying to do something new on my blog and realized I had 527 comments stored. Well, no wonder my computer kept sending me notes about memory usage. So, I deleted tons of them. Intended to keep the more current ones, like maybe a month's worth, but got carried away and they are all gone!

I don't know why it is that every time I try something new, I mess up what I thought I had already mastered. It never fails. Maybe it's because I'm not a product of the computer generation. When I started working, I was typing (on a manual typewriter!) spreadsheets on Ditto masters - my purple summer. Got really good at typing numbers, but I had purple from those Ditto masters everywhere all summer. Was never so happy to go back to school.

I didn't really work with computers until the 1980s, more than 20 years after I started working, so some was self taught. I took a couple courses at IBM for a specific computer system for the hospital I worked at, and once after we moved here I took a sort of basic course hoping I would learn something, but it turned out to be too basic. So, I stumble through and every day I learn something new by trial and error, lots of errors.

Everyone laughs at how hard I hit the keys when I type (enter data) on my computer, but my fingers apparently still remember those manual typewriters I worked on for a long time. I even had a portable Olivetti typewriter - anyone remember those?

Anyway, I'm sorry about all your lovely comments but once again I learned something. :-(


  1. Hi Barbara;
    I'll have a comment so you can start to restore the comments you've lost.
    I'm also on Goodreads and I've enjoyed your reviews there.

    PS Stop over at my blog, I'm having a giveaway of "The Lincoln Lawyer." even though you've won one already, this could be a gift for a friend.

  2. I don't understand why you got that memory usage message?? I use blogger and have over 19,000 comments stored and never had a storage issue....weird.

  3. Just so you know - all those comments of mine that were erased were absolutely brilliant. Just kidding. I'm sorry about all the stuff you lost. I don't understand how that can happen as I don't blog on Blogspot. I'd help you if I could. Computers are still in the realm of the mysterious, aren't they?

    One more thing: I loved your Jack Benny and Rochester comment on Jill's blog today. Very clever.

  4. Mike, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll enjoy building up a bunch of comments again.

    Diane, I'm using a Dell computer that is 8 or so years old. I write on it and blog and read umpteen blogs. Definitely need more memory, or (if I could dig up the $) a new computer.

    Margot, I remember how brilliant your comments were and that's why I'm especially sad at their loss. :-) My Jack Benny comment made Jill laugh too, but it was the first thought in my mind.

  5. Hello Barabara,

    I have only just discovered your blog, in a link from Margaret at 'Books Please', so it's good to 'meet' you.

    Sorry to hear about your little mishap with the disappearing comments. I use a 'Wordpress' blog, but that only functions so long as my husband is around to fix the many problems that I keep encountering. Updates, 'plug-ins' etc. are also his domain and are quite a mystery to me. I really must learn some of the technicalities for myself, or I will be completely lost and cut-off, if he is ever not around.

    Receiving comments is always a nice boost to moral and I am sure that you will start to build them up again quite quickly.


  6. Thanks Yvonne, for coming to visit and giving me much needed moral support with your comment. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with computers. I'm off to visit your blog; I love Margaret's blog.

  7. I learned on a manual typewriter too. My son says I'm trying to kill they keys, so I totally relate.

  8. I´ll leave a new comment for you immediately.

    At least it was ´only´ comments. One of my colleagues tidied up some files on his computer recently - in the process he deleted several online reports made by his students - THEIR reports, not his - meaning they will have to rewrite them in order to pass their project exams.

  9. I almost hate to write a comment...memory space is very precious. Don't dispare. Technology will change so fast that what you don't know now won't matter in a week or two!

    As for the keyboard, my keyboard needed new batteries so I replaced them. Now I have to pound the keys like my old Remington I used in college. Sigh.

    The books look great. Did you see the list that Amazon put out for the 12 best book for the Kindle. I am dying to start reading them. link:

    Be well.


  10. Kathy, Isn't it funny how we can't seem to stop pounding the keys. Your son's comment is very funny.

    Dorte, Oh I feel for the students but your colleague must feel terrible about what happened.

    b, Thank you for stopping by. I will visit your blog today. Sorry about your keyboard; I had a similar problem when I worked but there I could just hand it over to the IT guy. :-) Anyway, I've decided the comments saved didn't really have much to do with my memory usage message. Still have no idea what's going on so I'm going to use my father's method - ignore it.