Saturday, April 24, 2010

It Was a Very "Interesting" Week

I had though this week was going to be quiet, just one appointment for me and one for Dave, and a forecast for sunny warm days. Just shows how wrong you can be.

Tuesday morning Dave bent over to pick something up and his nose began to gush blood. He's on Coumadin and his protime was up, so the nosebleed refused to stop. Off to the ER we went early in the morning and we stayed there all day long. They finally had to pack his nose, and believe me, if you have never had that done - don't!

Then they decided to keep him overnight just in case since we live 25 miles from the hospital. The next morning I arrived early expecting to take him home. Ha! I should know hospitals better than that by now. We finally left there at 5:30 p.m. :( Meanwhile we spent the whole day in a tiny room meant for one patient, along with the other patient they had squeezed in and his wife. She and I spent the day climbing over furniture and trying to keep out of the way - that is until late afternoon when the staff realized that there was about to be an uprising in that room. She and I were pacing the floor getting angrier and angrier.

I decided to get the bulk of the mowing done Thursday and Friday while it was dry because it is supposed to rain from tonight through Tuesday morning. I was out all afternoon both days while the breeze blew and my COPD warned me I would pay for it.

Friday morning we went to the ENT to have the packing removed. Both of us were nervous; we just knew it would start bleeding again. But the news was great. No more bleeding and Dave feels fine. The relief washed over us and left us limp and exhausted. The sun is shining today but we're going out tonight and at mid-morning I haven't even dressed yet so I won't be accomplishing much today.

This coming week is supposed to be quiet. We're dropping off the truck to have the brakes fixed, I'm having a haircut, and I have to go to the dentist to have a minor washout fixed. Forecast after Tuesday warm and sunny. Oh please, let it be the quiet week we expect! Please!

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