Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy to be a Nobody

I've always been thankful that neither my parents nor I have ever been famous, not even for 15 minutes, but never more so than now. What brings this up is the news that someone has been sending death threats to Dan Patrick which are aimed at Erin Andrews.

Good grief, hasn't this poor woman been through enough in the past year? First someone alters the peephole in her hotel room door so he can take nude pictures of her, finally he is arrested, and then the trial. For a while there, she thought she might have to stop sportscasting. Now death threats which of course Patrick turned over to the police. She is enduring 24 hour FBI security at this point. I did hear the FBI may have identified the man who did this but meanwhile . . .

All Andrews has done is be born beautiful and bright, and developed into an excellent sports reporter. Since when is that a crime? Since when is that a reason to single her out for such frightening events? I really feel badly for her. I enjoy watching her on television and certainly hope these two crimes against her don't force her to quit her job.

I can name many other reasons I'm thankful to be a nobody: Tiger and Elin Woods, Sandra Bullock and Jessie James, Brangelina, and all the way back to Ingrid Bergman, among countless others. I suppose most of them went into sports or entertainment thinking they could retain some semblance of a private life. Wrong! The media hounds them 24/7. I'm certainly not going to watch Tiger's press conference this afternoon when the media will probably concentrate on his personal life rather than his golf, but I'm just as sure that I'll see it ad nauseum on the news for the next week. What he did was wrong and he has plenty of reason to be ashamed of himself, but it is none of our darned business.

Dave and I are anonymous. We can live our life free of media harrassment. We can travel or dine out without people staring at us (unless they stare because of Dave's tremor). I can write this blog and post on my facebook page without worrying that something will appear on the cover of one of the gossip rags at the grocery store. Life is good.

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