Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So Many Books . . .

I'm doomed. I recently discovered yet another mystery writer and I'm compelled to find her other books to read. Somehow up until I read this book I had her confused with another writer whose book I couldn't finish because it was so out of my realm and overflowing with gore and madness. Wonder who that was? :-)

Anyway, at a summer book sale I bought VANISH by Tess Gerritsen. Then when Tutu from Maine mentioned that Gerritsen lived there, I remembered this book and finally read it. And I loved it! This one is only four years old but there are several others that I must find.

Near the beginning of VANISH a body in the cooler of a morgue is discovered to be a living body. Well, of course anyone would freak out coming to in a morgue, but this woman goes ballistic. In the hospital she takes hostages, one of whom is a pregnant cop about to give birth, and the story never stops from there.

I never really care if I figure out whodunit before the end or not. I like to just buckle my seatbelt and settle in for the ride. Good thing, since I found myself suspecting the good characters and trusting the bad ones quite often in this complex tale. If I had been one of the characters, I would have been six feet under by now.

I can't really tell any more of the story, a) because it's too confusing that way, and b) because I'm sure I would give a surprise away. Trust me, this is a good story and it even has a serious cause behind the plot. Plus the cop and her baby and the changes it brings to her life will resonate with any working mom even if the most dangerous thing she does in a day is change the toner cartridge in the printer.

I highly recommend this one. Heck I even love the cover art.

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