Monday, January 4, 2010

Ellen Goodman Retires

I've been reading Ellen Goodman's columns for more years than I can remember. I didn't always agree with her of course but I always appreciated her thoughtful approach to topics that other columnists tended to jump to conclusions about. She has shared her life experiences that many women, including yours truly, could relate to and I've more than once caught myself saying something like "You go, Girl."

Years ago I lived in Maine for several years, met my husband there as a matter of fact, so I always looked forward to her reports from the island off the coast where she spent a couple precious weeks each summer. Next summer I will envision her spending more time on her porch there, gardening, walking, and reuniting with neighbors. Without those pesky deadlines she can stay as long as she likes and even do absolutely nothing if that appeals to her.

I do hope eventually she will write a book that isn't a collection of her columns because I will miss her writing, her unique take on topics, and I'm interested to see what she will do with her retirement. I imagine doing nothing will get old very quickly and she will soon be up to her neck in something or other.

So goodbye for now, Ellen Goodman, but don't forget us faithful readers.

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