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This is my second Steven Gore novel but won't be my last.  His hero, Harlan Donnally, is a cerebral former cop with a highly developed sense of right and wrong.  Add in a pinch of action and danger and you have a satisfying read with a great story and characters who actually think about important issues.

Israel Dominguez is the subject of the plot in this one.  He has spent 20 years on death row for the murder of a gang rival.  Now he is nearing execution and the judge who presided at his original trial has admitted his doubts to his friend Donnally that Dominguez was actually guilty. Gang wars and the passing of time haven't cleared up anything of what happened, but Judge McMullin can't bear to just let it go.  

An alternate plot line concerns dementia.  Donnally's fater, a Hollywood producer familiar to anyone who has read earlier books, is showing signs of it and so is Judge McMullin.  As each faces the inevitable in his own way, the emotional toll on Donnally gives this story depth that you normally don't find in a mystery novel.  I like the relationship between Donnally and his girlfriend as well.  This is an adult committed partnership not based on lust, but not lacking it either.

I really must read Gore's other novels.  This is an author who provides thoughtful plots and characters to engage my mind.

Highly recommended
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  1. Dear Barbara:

    Thank you for your thoughtful review of Night is the Hunter. I worried that the story was over-complicated with too many themes and sub-plots, but your review offers me reassurance that readers will understand all that I was getting at.

    Best wishes for happy holidays,

    Steven Gore