Thursday, July 31, 2014


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I raced through this fat book.  My advanced reader's copy is 553 pages and I read it in a very short time because I couldn't stand not knowing what would happen next.  I was so scared for the victims.  

You know from the beginning that a man with a psychosis of some sort is keeping two women in cages in a cellar.  He seems to be fixated on women who have a similar appearance and he keeps calling the current favorite Sam.  When she tries to tell him that isn't her name, he gets enraged and takes it out on the other one.  When he takes a woman he is armed with a stun gun and chloroform, so she's aware she is being kidnapped but unable to do anything about it. Can you imagine how terrifying that is?

The cop heading the investigation is D.I. Sean Corrigan from the Murder Investigation Unit in South London.  His own past history gives him intuitive insight into the motives of psychotic murderers.  He is quite a strange investigator as he tries to get into the mind of such people to solve the case and catch the killer. Thankfully he is married to a doctor who loves him enough to bear with him during his cases, keep up with her own job, and care for their three children.  His family is what saves him from going off the deep end himself.

Ordinarily a story featuring a mentally ill villain is tough for me to read, but I was so caught up in this one that I just couldn't put it aside without finishing it.  If you read this one, and I encourage you to do so, brace yourself for a tense time.  You might also want to lock your doors.

Highly recommended
Source:  HarperCollins 

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