Tuesday, June 10, 2014


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Let me waste no time letting you know that I absolutely loved this book.  The characters appealed to me, the plot was scary but fun, the settings were great, everything in short was to my liking.

The story is at the same time an intelligent discourse on the appropriateness and impossibilities of the insanity plea.  A paranoid schizophrenic, not under treatment at the time, is arrested and charged with murder.  The case against him is very strong, particularly since he found a diamond bracelet on the body and put it in his pocket.  His name is Dan Little and he lives on the streets of Galveston where he was an outstanding quarterback in high school.  He had gone on to become an attorney but then was struck down with his mental illness.  He hears voices that tell him what to do.

Dan's brother, Wayne, is also a lawyer in Houston.  His best friend Duke is a former NBA star and current criminal lawyer, and along with Duke's girlfriend Claudia plus Wayne's next door neighbor Rita, they call themselves the posse.  Wayne takes his brother's case along with the posse and they take advantage of his mother's hospitality to set up shop in Galveston for the trial.  I could almost hear the waves as they walked along the seawall there.  You'll be very fond of Mrs. Little, as I was.

This story has one of the most frightening villains I've read about in a long time.  He's brilliant and totally amoral so one can only hope he will be brought up short by his confidence that he's smarter than anyone else.  A member of the posse finds herself one of his targets; that aspect of the book really had me in goosebumps.

Highly recommended
Source: Partners in Crime Book Tours


  1. This does sound good! And scary! :--)

  2. This sounds like the kind of book I couldn't read when Carl's out of town.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this book with us. Sounds like a "must read"!

  4. I loved the book also! It has cliffhangers at the end of every chapter!