Sunday, July 14, 2013

Deer in the Yard at Twilight

Last night I was reminded of the pleasures of country living.  It's something I tend to forget because I'm a city person at heart.

At twilight as I was sitting beside a bay window in our family room, a movement caught my eye.  Out at the edge of our back yard, seen well against the tall hay behind them, were a doe and her twin fawns.  The little ones had of course been in hiding all day, probably plagued by flies, and they were excited to be able to move around.  While the doe fed on the grass I hadn't mowed for a while, the fawns ran around, jumped at each other, and kicked up their heels.  It was the kind of scene you would never see in the city and here we were comfortable in our home watching.

It's normally about 10 degrees cooler here than in the city too and we nearly always have a breeze.  While city people tossed and turned in the heat last night unless they had air conditioning, we didn't even have to turn on our window fan.  The air was moving quite well all by itself, thank you very much.  Good sleeping.

This week is supposed to be extremely hot and humid in the Northeast and I'm sure we'll be feeling it but it won't be as bad as it will be in the city.  As I type this, I'm listening to birds, and I fell asleep last night listening to our bullfrog and his cronies who always sound like they're having a party.  Bullfrog sounds like a broken guitar string and another one sounds like he's just heard a great joke, har, har, har!  Later today the swallows will treat us to their aerobatics show and since I will be mowing this afternoon, they'll have lots of bugs to chase and eat.

Summertime and the living is easy in the country.  


  1. I so miss not having deer in our sightline:( Lucky you

  2. We hear lots of frogs around here too. Those deer sound beautiful!