Saturday, January 19, 2013

Final Update on My Health - Probably

I think everyone can stop worrying about my health now.  I have just three radiation treatments left, meaning next Wednesday will be my last one.  I feel great now that all my chemo side effects have disappeared except for my fingernails.  They are growing out healthy but it will take a long time.  I also tire easily and I don't have my normal energy and stamina yet, but it'll be months before I don't have any signs of the beating my system took from the drugs.  

I've lost 13 pounds and my primary doctor would be thrilled since he's been on my case for years about losing weight.  However, my oncologist and the radiation oncologist are horrified and want me to gain.  The problem is merely that I don't have much appetite so I don't eat as much, and I'm much more active now.  Since I overate before and was overweight, I'm not thinking this is much of a problem.  I'm going to have fun getting into a smaller size of jeans.

I have tons of housework and other things to catch up on but I'll do that stuff in small increments as I have the energy.  Dave says I'm milking this excuse as long as I can, but then he turns around and tells me not to overdo.  Since his Parkinson's symptoms are progressing and he's able to do less, I figure it's high time I get back to housework, etc.  

We're learning patience this year as our Binghamton University basketball teams are losing much more than they're winning.  The men have a new coach and a young "phenom" they're counting on but he's a freshman.  As for the women, I don't know what the problem is but we regular attendees at the games are gluttons for punishment I think.  I'm glad we get season tickets since it gives us something else to stew about besides our own problems.  Not that I wouldn't prefer a winning season, but as a long-time Cubs fan I'm used to looking on the bright side of a losing season.  :-D

I am more grateful than you can possibly understand for the messages of concern from my blogger friends, your prayers, and your thoughts.  Together with the help of neighbors and friends here, I've felt surrounded by love as I fought to get and stay well.  It hasn't been an easy road this past year but I've come through just fine.  I'll know a bit more after I have CT scans next month, but as of now everything looks really good for me to be a cancer survivor for many, many years.  Thank you very much, my friends.


  1. Thanks for the update. I do know cancer treatments can leave you drained for a while, but you will bounce back. The housework can wait - it'll be there when you have the energy to tackle it.

  2. It's good to hear that you are recovering well.


  3. I object to housework! Life is too short! :--) Only do the absolutely necessary - no one will care! Even YOU won't, after a while! :--) (I have seen this first hand since currently we are surrounded by boxes and stuff stacked up everywhere and paper on the floors and so on, and after a while I don't notice a thing!!!)

    Re fingernails, did I ever tell you the story of how a checker at the grocery store saw mine and asked if I had a disease? If you want to feel better about yours, I'll send you a picture of mine! But be warned - a picture of my nails would be very scary! :--)

  4. So happy to read your update and hope you continue to make good progress - take care and don't do too much.

  5. Oh, Barbara, I'm so glad to hear that you're nearing the end of your treatments and that your future looks bright!

    As for the housework - take it easy. It's only dust and things will keep. ;-)

  6. This is such good new, Barbara. You have my prayers for continued recovery! You'll get stronger every day.

    Best wishes,

  7. I'm so glad to hear this good news about your health. I'm sure your energy will follow soon. Sorry about your basketball teams. As Jill said, take it easy with the housework. It can usually wait. Overall, I like your "voice" in this post. You sound positive and more energetic. Good news indeed!