Friday, November 16, 2012


This is a delightful cozy mystery set in Seattle.  I hadn't read a cozy for ages but this one just hit the spot.  The plot centers around old Grace Episcopal Church and its rector, Father Robert Vickers.  It's spring and the dwindling congregation has gathered to bury the ashes of a parishioner in the side lawn that has been consecrated for this purpose.  As maintenance man Henry begins to dig the hole though, his shovel strikes a wooden case.  Also, the bell tower has begun to drop chunks of stone near the Memorial Garden.

The congregation of this beautiful old church is small, consisting mostly of elderly people, and they cannot afford to repair the bell tower.  One member is a developer and he has drawn up plans for a condo, coffee shop, etc. to be built on the grounds.  Of course that would be heresy to Vickers and the others who love the church.  The Bishop, a hilariously pompous character, would just sell the whole thing and send the members to other churches.

As is appropriate for a cozy, the characters in the book will have you chuckling.  Vickers, for instance, is a balding middle-aged man who wants to find someone who could love him.  The young organist, Daniel, is a brilliant musician with no social skills.  Deacon Mary is a selfless soul who runs the food pantry.

I recommend this short, lively read.
Source:  Partners in Crime Tours


  1. Sounds very charming, and I love the idea of a Seattle setting!

  2. I love cozies that have charming characters like that!

  3. This sounds like a good one Barbara. Hope you've been doing well..

  4. Sadly, I think this is the case with many older churches.
    I'll look into the book - it sounds good.