Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Just Like a Bad Penny, Here I Am Again

I didn't want to announce it publicly but we weren't just busy the past week, we were in Connecticut for the America East basketball tournament. Hartford was wall-to-wall athletes and sports enthusiasts over the weekend since the Big East Women's Tournament was also going on there. Good news of course for the hotels and restaurants in the area. I know other people don't mind telling when they will be away but I'm just not comfortable doing that.

We were so proud of Binghamton University's teams and everyone associated with the university at the conference tournament. Both of our teams won their first game and lost their second. Excellent results considering the teams' records this season, and they fought their behinds off, never giving up. Also our band, our cheerleaders and dance teams, and our coaching staffs were good sports and showed their talent well. Unfortunately, not every team can say the same. I do wish more of our fans had made the trip but the few of us who were there did our best to cheer on our teams.

Dave was happy to go a couple times to the seafood restaurant we like in Hartford so we could enjoy fried whole-belly clams and clam chowder, and he had a lobster roll which he swears contains the meat from a whole lobster. The place is just a bare-bones room off of a fish market but the food is outstanding and the staff is friendly and efficient. It's Tinkers just off Prospect Ave. near I84 if you're ever passing through Hartford.

The Goldroc Diner in the same area is good too. Sunday morning we were having breakfast there and behind me sat a man and two women. The man had a loud voice and was happy to voice his opinions on any controversial topic, sounding like Rush Limbaugh. One of the two women was his sister and both ladies were nuns. You can imagine the conversation when he talked about capitol punishment, abortion, birth control, etc. Finally his sister managed to steer the conversation to their childhood and then he was just funny. Apparently he was the youngest of a large family. He said his mother used to tie him to a tree in the front yard so he wouldn't run away and he would entertain himself all day. I figured his mother couldn't stand listening to him anymore. I told the waiter they should have a cover charge for entertainment that morning. Very funny!

At the tournament we saw old friends from other tournaments, other schools, and just had a great time until after the last game. That game had become too rough, both on and off the court, and as we were passing one team's bench on our way out, I guess the two teams were pushing and shoving. Anyway, I got caught in the mix-up and came away with bruises on my left foot and right leg. Thankfully a tall, strong young man was between me and the action. Otherwise I don't think I would have fared so well - you can imagine, me vs super-tall basketball players. Ouch!!

We came home Monday and got right back into catch-up mode, doctors' appointments, and grocery shopping. Now we probably won't be away until our August visit to Philadelphia, but I think we can use the time to work on our place. Spring rolling, mowing, planting, etc. are just around the corner and it's supposed to be in the high 50s today. I have spring fever soooo bad!


  1. I love to watch sports but it does seem that some people take ti way too seriously these days - it's a game, people. Our team plays their first round tournament tonight and I have a feeling it will be their last game of the season.

  2. Sounds like you and Bill had a great adventure, well except for all those bruises. I love basketball too and I am so looking forward to the next few weeks - all via my TV. Love the story about the loudmouth in the restaurant. I find great amusement in the stories of these people in restaurants.

  3. It's a security worry to say we're on vacation WHEN we're on vacation, isn't it? I always feel like I have to hold back then, and it bothers me.

    It's in the high forties here today and I, too, have spring fever. But, alas, cold weather is returning in a day or two.

    I'm glad you had a good time in Hartford!

  4. I´m glad to hear you have had such a good time!

    And of course one should be careful about advertising the house is empty, but I don´t worry too much as my being away does not necessarily mean the vicarage is empty. So it is our holiday cottage we worry about; it has already been burgled twice.