Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Just Plain Worn Out

This past few weeks have been exhausting but there is finally a tiny little light at the end of this particular tunnel. The auction of my husband's machine shop equipment will be Sat. Nov. 12. It's devastating for him, and even emotional for me.

We've been going back and forth to a scrap metal yard in Scranton getting material off the floor and out of the way in his shop. Don't want any prospective buyers falling and killing themselves on sharp edges. The auctioneer and his son have been here nearly every day tagging, sorting, and cleaning.

Meanwhile, the tension builds in our house as Dave's nerves become more frayed. Then yesterday I took my car to the dealer's because I heard squealing, clanking and other assorted bad news noises. It's a 2004 but has been the most reliable, dependable car I've ever owned. Well, after they looked it over, the verdict was, "You have to leave it here for a few days, and by the way there will be $2500 worth of repairs." I called Dave to come pick me up, and of course he was furious and suspicious. (He never drives the car.) It was only later when he realized how emotional I was that he calmed down and smiled at me. Thank you, Dr. Parkinson, these mood shifts from your disease are loads of fun.

Last night saved us I think. We have been buying season tickets for Binghamton University Div. I basketball for many years and the first men's game was last night. It was fun to see our "basketball friends" and see the new guys on the team. Tonight we will be going to the first women's game. Getting out and watching the game was very good for us.

We will get through this just fine, as we have other difficult issues we've faced together. We've always said as long as we have each other, we're okay. But we certainly will be happy when it's over!


  1. It does sound like a very emotional time for you. I'm glad you have an outlet and hope your teams have successful seasons.

  2. What an emotional time you're having. I do hope the auction goes well, and that 'things' settle a little next week. I'm thinking of you! :-)

  3. Blech, no wonder you're worn out! Maybe after this weekend there will be recovery time!

  4. Best wishes for you in this difficult time! Good to hear that you face your troubles together! That makes a world of difference in my experience.

  5. I sometimes get very frustrated with the amount of attention and money that goes into organized sports, and then I remember how much fun it is for us to attend the games, cheer our favorites, curl up on a cold evening to watch a televised game and how good it is for kids to learn team togetherness and have an outlet for their energy. So glad you and hubby have something "away from the homestead" to enjoy together.

  6. I certainly understand the stress of what you and Dave are going through. I hope Saturday goes well. I love your idea of basketball therapy. Great way to go.

    BTW - My audiobook arrived today. Thank you so much Barbara.

  7. Thank you for the sympathy and the support everyone. My virtual friends never fail me. We saw the first women's game last night, an exhibition game but still fun when we won "big." Now my car is ready to pick up and as soon as the "Porta-potty" is delivered to be ready for the auction, we'll go get it.

    Our friends actually made Dave laugh last night and I won a basketball jersey because we donated books for flood victims. Things are looking up.

    Margot, I'm happy the audiobook reached you safely. Enjoy listening.

  8. I am catching up on blog reading after being out of town and then sick. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. Thank goodness for good books, good friends, and good basketball. :)