Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Sunny Day for a While

I haven't been posting lately because it's been way too nice to stay indoors. After our rainy summer and floods, we have had seven sunny, warm days in a row! I've been frantically working outdoors to catch up, which has been the name of the game this year. I never have actually finished the yard work at all this year because of all the rain.

Also, Dave has been cleaning out his shop in preparation for going out of business so we've been driving back and forth to a scrap yard in Scranton with loads of metal. Forty miles each way plus unloading takes a huge chunk out of your afternoon. That also means he hasn't been helping with the yard work of course.

As all good things have to end sometime, the forecast for tomorrow is rain. My plans then are to catch up on blog reading, maybe even have some time to read my current book, and housecleaning.

I'm reading Jane Eyre, a book I had tried to read years ago but couldn't finish. This time I'm enjoying it. Unfortunately, I'm reading an old paperback with tiny print and the pages have browned a little. I could have sworn I had a nice copy but can't find it. Jane, as a child at least, appeals to me. I do chuckle a bit at the stereotypical characters - her aunt and cousins, the owner of Lowood, and the people there - but like the florid style (a child thinking in huge words for instance), it's just typical of the era. I'm interested enough to go on with it to see what happens to Jane.

In other words, I haven't croaked or anything drastic, I've just been super busy. Soon I'll be back to reality and blogging and commenting.


  1. Good to know you haven't croaked! :--)

  2. We've been desperate for rain and finally got some yesterday and today. Of course, yesterday was the day painters were supposed to start painting the outside of our house. I'm not really complaining, though - we're too happy for the rain to do that.

  3. Just as I was wondering if something was wrong with you or Dave, here you are!

  4. Same here Barbara...we had such a beautiful 3 day weekend, and today was gorgeous as well, but now several days of rain and cooler temps.

    Jane Eyre is one I need to reread some day. (Hope I live long enough to read everything on my list)LOL

  5. So, as one of the people who like your blog, I'm glad you're getting the rain so you can stop all that yard work and running around and concentrate on reading and blogging. Good luck with finishing Jane Eyre.

  6. I loved Jane Eyre! If it doesn't stop raining here in central PA I think I'm going to scream. After 3 beautiful days -- when I had to work inside -- we're back to RAIN. Ugh.

  7. I read Jane Eyre years ago and think it'd be interesting to see what I think of it now. When I was about 10 or 11 I watched it on TV and was terrified by the mad woman in the attic!

  8. I have also been a bit absent myself due to work so I haven´t even had time to notice who else was missing.

    I read Jane Eyre twenty years ago when I studied English and enjoyed it a lot. She is such a precocious child. And it´s funny, because right now I am watching the BBC TV series with my daughters. It is such a pleasure that they share my taste in classical literature.

    Dorte H

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. Dorte, I can just picture you and your daughters watching that series. Great for you that they don't disdain your tastes.

    It's now 10/16 and we're still running back and forth to Scranton with metal, but at least we come home with money. This used to be a treat; Dave would use the money they paid him to take me to Cooper's Restaurant for a yummy seafood dinner. Now he's just salting away his money.

    Diane, I don't think any of us will live long enough to read everything on our TBR lists. Unless you're planning to live to be about 150. :D