Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some New Pictures

These photos show the new stone wall which is finished at long last. As you can see, we'll have a strip of grass below the wall, then stone in the gutter for drainage. Our next door neighbors decided to extend the wall to their driveway and they have planted flowers on their end. We're keeping things easy by just having grass. I can't stand weeding.

I had also mentioned that a huge spruce tree next to the shed had fallen in a storm a few weeks ago.

And finally, ta-da!, here is Scaredy Cat, the stray I tried for so long to make friends with. In return she presented us with four kittens who I fell in love with, but can't keep. Actually I haven't seen Scaredy Cat for a couple days and I can't catch the kittens so our plans to take everybody to the shelter have hit a speed bump. Ah well . . .

Not bad for not having a digital camera, eh? Hopefully I'll have one before long so I can publish pictures regularly. I'm still not too good at putting everything where it belongs, but I'll learn eventually.


  1. Lovely photos! I love stone walls.

    And whoever wants to weed if you can sit down writing instead ;)

  2. Your new wall looks great! The cat looks on guard for sure. Hope you are successful with your mission:)

  3. Wow - that rock wall of yours is gorgeous. I see why it took so long. It's a work of art.

  4. So, do you have your pictures developed and then scan them?

    Your wall is gorgeous - I'm impressed that you built it.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone. I can't take credit for the wall, our friend who is a stonemason built it. We have it across the front and up the driveway to the house. Then it starts again at the road (the property slopes) on the other side of the driveway, goes 30 yds to the business driveway and up to the building. It all took him 3 years to complete.

    Yes, Kathy, I have to get the film developed and it's hard to find someone to do that these days. Usually go 25 miles to Walmart to do that. Then I scan them. Pain in the neck. And that's why I never have pictures to post. I'm dreaming of a digital camera (sing to "White Christmas" which may be when I get one) :D

  6. What a nice wall! I love stone walls and think this looks so nice. :) Good luck catching the cat and kittens!

  7. Lovely stone wall, and how nice to see Scaredy Cat at last. I do hope that she and the kittens will be ok, I worry about them!